Woodvale Presbyterian Church

Belfast, Northern Ireland


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What did Jesus say about children? "Let the little children come to me and do not hinder them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these". We want to do all we can to help the children of the congregation. One of those things is the provision of a creche during the Sunday morning service. Mrs Isa Douglas, the leader of the Creche writes as follows ...>>>

Sunday School.

Our Sunday School meets on Sunday afternoons. It is open to all the children of the area. We are delighted with the good work that is carried on, so much of it quietly and out of sight. Read more ...

Read more about the wider work of our denomination on the Sunday school page of  the P. C. I website.

The Girls' Brigade.

Elaine Duncan, our Girls' Brigade, Captain writes about the company in the following article:

Click here to see the official GB site for England and Wales or here to see the local Northern Ireland site.

The Boys' Brigade.

Edwin McMurren, our BB Captain writes about our Company, past and present ...

Click here  for the oficial UK home of the Boys Brigade or here  for the Northern Ireland site.

O M F Prayer Group.

It is great to be partners in mission: to join hands with others and share together in the Great Commission of Jesus. Our OMF prayer group meets once a month - every third Wednesday. Do feel free to join us if you live near at hand.

Linda McFerran has been an OMF missionary in Taiwan since 1987. For some years now she has served in Bethany Childrens Home, a home with sixty-five children. Her question at the moment is - How do you make such a large group of people into a “family?“

Read more about OMF, the missionary organisation with whom she is serving.

The Sunshine Hour.

No big name organisations! No logos, mottos or mission statements! Just a group of senior ladies relaxing and enjoying themselves on Wednesday afternoons. Read on for more ...

"The 22nd Old Boys".

See the Old Boys' League Website by clicking here 

More Recent Additions

We give a brief mention to the more recent activities to be added to our program. Life is always changing, and we seek to reflect those changes in our congregational life.

"Rush" was started last year for those in their teens. It meets after the Church service on Sunday nights. Colin Williams is the key leader.

We have also teemed up with BIFHE (the Belfast Institute for Further and Higher Education) - the result has been two classes: one for painting and one for "Keep Fit".

We are also happy with the fact that one of our halls is being used by a local branch of the Alcoholics Anonymous. It meets on Tuesday and Saturday nights. More details are available on request. 

The Woodvale Record.

The Woodvale Record is our Church magazine. It is published four times each year, and is edited by Mrs Ray Yorke. More ... 

Purley URC.


Article Pending

For many years we have had a link with a congregation in Purley in Surrey. Indeed the link began 21 years ago, at the very height of the troubles. The link has brought many blessings over the years. It is so lovely to know that we are a part of a much larger fellowship of committed, caring Christian people.

Visit Purley URC at www.purc.co.uk

Christian Aid.

What would life be like if we were poor, thirsty and malnourished? Thankfully we have many material blessings that many other people don't enjoy. Maybe that's why the Christian Aid collections in May are an important part of the life of our Church. Read more about our interest in Christian Aid, or the wider work of the organisation around the world.