Woodvale Presbyterian Church

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Wedding plans?

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Planning to get married in Northern Ireland? Maybe even planning to get married in our Church? Our Church has always been popular for weddings. Please note that the Marriage (Northern Ireland) Order 2003 became law on 1st January 2004. For details of this system contact Registrar of Marriges at Belfast City Hall.


Alternatively you can visit the General Register Office of Northern Ireland - a very comprehensive and helpful site.

Wedding music.

If you are planning your wedding, you will have lots of questions: What music will we have? What will we sing? What hymns would the congregation know? These are big - and important - questions. They can also be quite difficult. Help can be obtained at the appropriate page of the Debenhams website. Just follow the link, listen to the tunes and follow the words. 

Wedding travel

And that is just the start! What about the honeymoon? What do we need to know about passports. Go to the Passport Agency for the latest information.

Wedding and marriage resources

Want to find some resources dealing with Christian marriage? The "World Wide Web" has a great deal to offer.

RBC Ministries, for example, previouly known as Radio Bible Class, has produced many Discovery Booklets some of which deal with marriage and the family.

Revive Our Hearts is a Radio Program that is aimed primarily at ladies. Nancy Leigh DeMoss is the speaker - and well worth hearing over a period of time. Men may find the teaching of Alistair Begg to be particularly helpful - tune in to Truth for Life.

Wedding memories

Woodvale Presbyterian Church has been a popular location for weddings down through the years. It may be that someone visiting this website would wish to come back to celebrate a wedding that has taken place years before. If that should be so let us know, and we will gladly find the old Registers and let you see them when you come. And if you come back to a Sunday service, we will give you honourable mention! Contact the minister to arange.